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Euro VII and CO2 regulations for heavy-duty vehicles

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-01-10

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) recently wrote to Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, to caution that Euro VII and CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles cannot be looked at in …

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Sweden takes over EU presidency: what do MEPs expect?

News from Brussels European Parliament - 2023-01-03

The Swedish presidency is the last in the current presidency trio, following France and the Czech Republic, and marks the last chapter for the common 18-month presidency programme. …

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Biden admin bows slightly to European pressure in trade clash

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2022-12-29

The new electric vehicle tax credit provision in the Inflation Reduction Act has heightened trade tensions between the US and other auto-producing countries. …

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Coming up in 2023: renewables, digital transformation, migration

News from Brussels European Parliament - 2022-12-27

Digital transformation Cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, semiconductors and data sharing will all be discussed by Parliament in 2023. …

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EU grapples with protecting the poor from higher heating and transport costs

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2022-12-27

Europe will soon put a carbon price on the fossil fuels used to power cars and heat buildings — now there's a battle looming to ensure those extra costs won’t end up deepening social inequalities.  …

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Finish line nears for ‘Fit for 55’ transport laws

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2022-12-27

The ‘Fit for 55’ climate law package, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the EU by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, dominated the transport legislative agenda in Brussels in 2022. …

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The US is coming for EU as global truck industry leader

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2022-12-22

EU must slash truck emissions at speed to cling on to its global leadership on commercial vehicle technology. …

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Global driver shortages: 2022 year in review

News from Brussels IRU - 2022-12-22

In 2022, IRU, backed with on-the-ground information from its members, continued to report and analyse global driver shortages: a chronic issue threatening the stability and continuity of mobility and supply chains. …

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German e-car sales target called a ‘pipe dream’

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2022-12-21

Germany's electric car dreams are in trouble. …

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All-inclusive Emissions Trading System for road: more realistic start date

News from Brussels IRU - 2022-12-20

After intense negotiations, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Commission struck a deal last weekend on an Emissions Trading System (ETS) for buildings and roads (ETS II) that sees reason prevail, having take …

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