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ENVI narrowly fails to capitalise on feasible EU mobility CO₂ solutions

News from Brussels IRU - 2023-10-24

The European Parliament's Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) has narrowly voted in support of the original overly ambitious emission reduction targets proposed by the European Commission in the revision of CO₂ …

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Council adopts new framework to boost the roll-out of intelligent transport systems

News from Brussels Council of the EU - 2023-10-23

With a view to accelerating digital transition and smarter mobility in the EU, the Council adopted a new framework on the deployment of intelligent transport systems (ITS) by revising the 2010 directive. …

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EU Commission offers reasonable grace period given tachograph 2 shortage

News from Brussels IRU - 2023-10-23

Member States can give operators until 18 August 2025 to retrofit heavy-duty vehicles registered between 21 August 2023 and 31 December 2023 with SMT2 devices. …

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Global companies push EU Parliament to favour zero-emission trucks

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2023-10-20

However, the biofuels industry has questioned the companies’ advice, arguing that ignoring the contribution of alternative fuels could slow the reduction of truck emissions. …

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7 myths about fuels and electric trucks from the oil and gas industry

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-10-18

The European Union is currently revising its CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). This regulation will irreversibly cut the trucking sector’s dependence on diesel. …

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IRU welcomes Italy’s intention to take Austria to court over Brenner route

News from Brussels IRU - 2023-10-18

IRU welcomes the Italian government’s confirmation of its intention to take Austria to court in a new attempt to try to unblock the Brenner impasse, following inaction by the European Commission. …

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Agreement with Europe needed to avoid £3,400 electric vehicle tax hike

News from Brussels SMMT - 2023-10-18

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is today urging the EU and UK to strike an immediate agreement to avoid damaging Brexit tariffs on electrified vehicles. …

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Council approach on CO2 from trucks and buses: align targets with enabling conditions

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-10-17

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) takes note of the Council’s general approach to the review of CO2 targets for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). …

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Clean and sustainable mobility

News from Brussels European Council - 2023-10-16

Decarbonising the transport sector is key to reach the EU’s climate targets. EU rules aim to make mobility more sustainable while ensuring connectivity across the EU. …

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EU countries back targets to slash truck CO2 emissions

News from Brussels Reuters - 2023-10-16

European Union countries backed tougher CO2 emissions targets for heavy goods vehicles on Monday, requiring new trucks to slash their emissions by 90% by 2040, but they delayed a planned target to drive a switch to electric city buses. …

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