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Joint call for regulatory action on access to in-vehicle data

News from Brussels CLEPA - 2023-11-06

In a joint statement, CLEPA and other stakeholders are calling for immediate regulatory action to unlock the European automotive data ecosystem, fostering competition, innovation, consumer choice, and affordability. …

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Carmakers are hiking the prices of small cars far above inflation

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-11-06

Europe’s five biggest carmakers have raised the prices of their cheapest models by an average of 41% since 2019, new analysis of price data shows. Almost double the cumulative rate of inflation during this period. …

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Polish hauliers to block Ukraine border crossings in protest

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2023-11-03

The protest, planned to start on 6 November, comes amid an economic slowdown in Europe and a relaxation of regulations for Ukrainian transport companies in 2022 by the European Union to ease the transport of goods to and out of the count …

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The European eco-bonus: a new industrial policy tool for Europe?

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-11-02

In September, France presented a new environmental criterion for granting the ecological bonus to the purchase of new vehicles, a first. From 2024, …

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KsNI – Schrödinger’s cat in the transport sector

News from Brussels - 2023-11-01

I keep hearing from the industry: “We need an overall concept!” But that has been around for a lo …

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Position Paper - Revision of the Weights & Dimensions Directive

News from Brussels ERFA - 2023-10-31

The proposal for a revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive should be used, in conjunction with the Combined Transport Directive, to incentivise the use of rail-road intermodal transport, the greenest and most energy efficient wa …

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Industry is investing in green innovation, but sustaining such investments is not going to be easy

News from Brussels CLEPA - 2023-10-30

CLEPA’s own research on sustainability reports reveals that suppliers are adopting green and circular strategies throughout their value chains. …

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The weights and dimensions law is crucial to accelerating zero-emission truck sales

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-10-27

In July 2023, the European Commission published the ‘Greening Freight Transport’ package, with the aim of making freight transport more sustainable. Trucks play a major role in EU road transport emissions. …

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EU focus on electric vehicles favours the rich, says ethanol industry

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2023-10-26

Speaking at a Euractiv event on EU biofuels policy, David Carpintero, the director general of ethanol trade association ePURE, said lawmakers should consider which of the emissions-reduction solutions is “the most socially inclu …

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Biofuels industry criticises ‘inconsistent’ transport decarbonisation policy

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2023-10-25

This differing approach to the green credentials of first-generation biofuels across EU legislation has drawn criticism from industry. …

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