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Unique opportunity offered by revision of Combined Transport Directive must not be wasted

News from Brussels CER: The Voice of European Railways - 2023-11-08

In particular, CER insists that additional provisions aimed at reducing red tape in State aid procedures for combined transport operations can play a decisive role. This revision must not miss a unique opportunity. …

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Logistics associations say Germany must improve conditions to enable climate neutral road freight

News from Brussels Clean Energy Wire - 2023-11-08

The German road freight sector’s shift towards climate neutrality is being complicated by framework conditions, a group of industry associations and lorry producers have warned in a joint statement. …

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Conservatives are putting cars before people: We cannot let that happen

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2023-11-08

Member of the European Parliament Christel Schaldemose is with the centre-left S&D group. …

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New combined transport proposal could harm efficient intermodal cooperation

News from Brussels IRU - 2023-11-08

The European Commission has proposed a fundamental overhaul of the current legal framework for combined transport. …

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Commission adopts new proposal on combining transport modes for more sustainable freight

News from Brussels European Commission - 2023-11-07

Today's proposal on combined transport aims to make freight transport more sustainable by improving the competitiveness of intermodal freight – the transportation of goods using two or more transport modes – vis-à-vis< …

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Biofuels and e-fuels in trucks will make it harder for aviation and shipping to go green

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-11-07

The EU climate targets will slash demand for oil and gas. As a result, fuel suppliers are investing in e-fuels and biofuels to replace them. …

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European freight rates Q3 2023: Contract rates rally as spot rates continue to fall

News from Brussels IRU - 2023-11-07

Q3 2023 sees the spot index move further below the contract index. This now means spot rates are closer to their base level (2017 Q1) than contract rates. …

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Joint call for regulatory action on access to in-vehicle data

News from Brussels CLEPA - 2023-11-06

In a joint statement, CLEPA and other stakeholders are calling for immediate regulatory action to unlock the European automotive data ecosystem, fostering competition, innovation, consumer choice, and affordability. …

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Carmakers are hiking the prices of small cars far above inflation

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-11-06

Europe’s five biggest carmakers have raised the prices of their cheapest models by an average of 41% since 2019, new analysis of price data shows. Almost double the cumulative rate of inflation during this period. …

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Polish hauliers to block Ukraine border crossings in protest

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2023-11-03

The protest, planned to start on 6 November, comes amid an economic slowdown in Europe and a relaxation of regulations for Ukrainian transport companies in 2022 by the European Union to ease the transport of goods to and out of the count …

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