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Council approach on CO2 from trucks and buses: align targets with enabling conditions

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-10-17

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) takes note of the Council’s general approach to the review of CO2 targets for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). …

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EU countries back targets to slash truck CO2 emissions

News from Brussels Reuters - 2023-10-16

European Union countries backed tougher CO2 emissions targets for heavy goods vehicles on Monday, requiring new trucks to slash their emissions by 90% by 2040, but they delayed a planned target to drive a switch to electric city buses. …

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Clean and sustainable mobility

News from Brussels European Council - 2023-10-16

Decarbonising the transport sector is key to reach the EU’s climate targets. EU rules aim to make mobility more sustainable while ensuring connectivity across the EU. …

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Volvo Cars, Ford, Renault Group, Ikea and others call upon new climate Commissioner to deliver on his promise to electrify corporate fleets by 2030

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-10-13

6 out of 10 cars sold in the EU are company cars, with those vehicles driving twice as much as private cars. The purchasing decisions of corporate fleets have far wider implications than just for that enterprise. …

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A carbon correction factor for trucks? Don’t be fooled by the oil industry’s latest con

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-10-12

When the Commission proposed new CO2 targets for trucks and buses early this year, reactions landed as expected. …

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European Parliament has one final chance to act on dangerous air pollution from cars, vans and trucks

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-10-12

Today Members of the European Parliament’s environment committee further weakened the European Commission’s proposals to clean up toxic pollution from cars, vans and trucks. …

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ELP event on CountEmissionsEU: Why transport needs more transparency in GHG reporting?

News from Brussels European Logistics Platform - 2023-10-10

At the third event organised by the European Logistics Platform (ELP) this year, over 60 EU policymakers and industry stakeholders convened to discuss the CountEmissionsEU proposal as proposed by the European Commission and how measuring …

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EU CO2 regulation for trucks and buses: vehicles are not the bottleneck, it’s all about enabling conditions

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-10-10

HDVs are vital for keeping essential goods, people, and the economy moving. They differ from passenger cars not only by size and weight but also by their individuality. …

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EU working on plan to delay tariffs on EV trade with U.K., report says

News from Brussels Automotive News Europe - 2023-10-09

The European Union is working on a plan that could delay the introduction of tariffs on electric vehicles shipped between the bloc and the UK, according to people familiar with the matter. …

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Rules of origin for EVs: EU and UK ready to compromise

News from Brussels - 2023-10-09

When the rules of origin for electric cars in the EU will come into force is up for debate again – or still. …

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