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Cars-in-containers not the way to prevent dangerous fires on ships

Maritime and Ports The Load Star - 2023-07-28

Carrying cars on containerships rather than pure car and truck carriers is unlikely to reduce the risk of ship fires, according to industry experts. …

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Focus: Ocean shippers playing catch up to electric vehicle fire risk

Maritime and Ports Reuters - 2023-07-27

Electric vehicles are crisscrossing the globe to reach their eager buyers, but the battery technology involved in the zero-emission automobiles is exposing under-prepared maritime shippers to the risk of hard-to-control fires, industry, …

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UK car production could take five years to return to 1m units, says industry

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-07-27

It could take five more years for Britain to return to producing 1m or more cars a year, the industry body said on Thursday 27 July 2023, as figures showed car manufacturing still remained a third below pre-pandemic levels. …

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Second wildcat strike in Grafenhausen shines new light on continued human rights abuses in European road transport

Land transportation ETF: European Transport Worker's Federation - 2023-07-27

A second wildcat strike by truck drivers at a rest area in Grafenhausen, Germany, has brought renewed attention to the systemic issues plaguing the road transport industry in Europe, and the urgent need for intervention by government and …

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Europe's automakers look to slash EV costs to fight Chinese 'invasion'

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-07-27

European automakers are concerned about an "invasion" of cheap Chinese electric cars into the region, prompting Renault to say that it was aiming to slash production costs for its electric models by 40%. …

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Ford Blames EV Price War for Delay in Plans to Boost Output

Automotive Industry Bloomberg - 2023-07-27

Ford Motor Co.’s is throttling back on plans to ramp-up electric vehicle production, pointing the finger at a price war for battery-powered vehicles. …

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New commercial vehicle registrations: vans +11.6%, trucks +20%, buses +15% in the first half of 2023

Automotive Industry ACEA - 2023-07-27

New EU truck registrations recorded a significant increase of 20%, totalling 179,508 units. …

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All-Island Rail Review: An opportunity that must be seized, says Logistics UK

Land transportation Logistics UK - 2023-07-27

The publication of the All-Island Strategic Rail Review identifies a much-needed vision for rail freight across the island of Ireland, according to Nichola Mallon – Logistics UK’s Head of Trade and Devolved Policy. …

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Nissan seals Renault deal, now faces hard yards in China

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-07-26

Nissan will invest up to $663m in Renault's new electric vehicle unit, the automakers said on 26 July 2023, as they finalised terms of their restructured partnership after months of negotiation clouded by tension. …

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New EV battery safe handling & storage guidance developed by global automakers and suppliers

Automotive Industry Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain - 2023-07-26

In a collaborative effort to enhance safety measures and promote responsible handling of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, at its 2023 Innovation Summit in Columbus, Ohio, the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) announced the p …

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