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De-Risking your logistics network at Reuters Events: Supply Chain 2023

News from Brussels Reuters Events - 2023-07-14

If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that disruptions are inevitable. Logistics leaders know that more than anyone. …

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Greening Freight Package recognises car transporters

News from ECG ECG - 2023-07-14

On 11 July 2023, the European Commission published the Greening of Freight Package. …

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Autologa has joined ECG

Members Corner Autologa UAB - 2023-07-14

Autologa UAB is happy to announce that it has joined ECG! Autologa was established in 2021 in Kaunas. We specialize in vehicle logistics services throughout Europe.  …

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Greening Freight Transport package: what does it mean for EU auto makers?

News from Brussels ECG - 2023-07-14

The European Commission has launched its long-awaited Greening Freight Transport package, a Green Deal initiative seeking to reduce road transport emissions significantly. …

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Electric Vehicles State of Charge requirements

News from ECG ECG - 2023-07-13

Electric Vehicles have been high on the agenda of ECG’s Quality Working Group in the past years. …

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Europe’s shipping emissions up to three year high

Maritime and Ports Transport & Environment - 2023-07-13

Cargo and container ships make up the lion’s share of shipping emissions, but LNG-carriers and cruise ships main driver of increased emissions. …

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Tesla in talks with India to set up factory with up to 500,000 annual capacity

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-07-13

Tesla has begun discussions with the Indian government for an investment proposal to set up a car factory in the country, with an annual capacity of as many as 500,000 electric vehicles, the Times of India reported. …

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CEO Alliance urges EU to clear red tape derailing bloc's green shift

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-07-13

The business group says bureaucracy is putting Europe at risk of falling behind in the race to attract clean-energy investments. …

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Costs of ‘Euro 7’ truck pollution rules overestimated, study finds

Land transportation Euractiv - 2023-07-13

Compliance with draft EU pollution standards for trucks and buses will increase manufacturing costs by up to €2.400 euros per vehicle – less than the €2.800 estimated by the European Commission and the €12.000 touted by industry. …

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TF points out contradictions in EC’s Greening Transport Package

Land transportation ETF - 2023-07-12

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), representing the interests of transport workers across Europe, has taken note of the European Commission’s Greening Transport Package. …

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