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Train drivers raise concerns about the future of the rail industry at ETF conference

News from Brussels ETF: European Transport Worker's Federation - 2023-04-27

The ETF held a conference on the Future of Train Driving on 2023 April 26, against the backdrop of the upcoming revision of the Train Drivers Directive, which regulates training and certification standards of train drivers in the Europea …

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Figure of the month: 15%

Land transportation IRU - 2023-04-27

Efforts to decarbonise road transport often focus solely on technology and alternative fuels. …

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Valenciaport becomes the first port in the world to operate hydrogen-powered 4×4 trucks at its terminals

Members Corner Valencia Port - 2023-04-27

The Port of Valencia is today the first port in the world to use a 4×4 truck tractor unit powered by green hydrogen to move containers within its terminals. …

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Report sheds light on key challenges for women at sea

Maritime and Ports - 2023-04-27

A study conducted by the All Aboard Alliance has revealed 15 key pain points for women at sea. …

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DVSA issues new guidance on defect categorisation

Land transportation - 2023-04-27

According to the DVSA, various topics have been updated in the guidance, which is split into two parts. …

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Governments must coordinate in trucking's transition to sustainable fuel

Land transportation The Load Star - 2023-04-26

Europe’s legislators must synchronise their green ambitions if they are to have any hope of migrating the continent’s trucking community to sustainable fuel vehicles, it was claimed this week. …

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MAN launches safety system to detect pedestrians and cyclists

Land transportation - 2023-04-26

MAN Truck & Bus has developed and launched several safety systems to improve road safety for commercial vehicles. These include advanced driver assistance systems, emergency braking systems, and lane departure warning systems. …

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Maritime transport: how to manage the risk of general average

Maritime and Ports Upply - 2023-04-26

Shippers can sometimes be called to the rescue financially by shipping companies in the event of incidents on a ship, in the name of the principle of general average. A greater risk today than in the past. …

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First vehicles carrier joins Green Award

Maritime and Ports Green Award - 2023-04-26

Car carrier Apollon Leader is the first of its kind to join the Green Award programme. Also, the ship’s owner, Japanese Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co. Ltd., was recently certified, together with its bulk carrier Santa Isabel. …

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77 MPs sign open letter calling on government to do more to boost HGV driver facilities

Land transportation - 2023-04-26

The letter, addressed to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has been shared by the Road Haulage Association on Twitter. …

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