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Report – Vehicles in use, Europe 2023

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-01-17

The 2023 edition of ACEA’s ‘Vehicles in use’ report provides an extensive overview of the motor vehicle fleet on the road in the European Union – covering passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, a …

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Wallenius Wilhelmsen navigates capacity shortages and service disruptions while delivering strong growth in 2022

Members Corner Wallenius Wilhelmsen - 2023-01-17

2022 has been a year of highs and lows for the breakbulk industry. While demand has been high, global disruptions and a misalignment between supply and demand have presented challenges for companies like Wallenius Wilhelmsen. …

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Toyota sees vehicle output recovery in 2023, with some risks

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-01-16

Toyota expects vehicle production to exceed pre-pandemic levels, forecasting output of as many as 10.6m vehicles during 2023 while warning that final shipments could be 10% lower if it is unable to procure enough parts, especially semico …

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Ford is scaling down VW partnership for EVs

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-01-16

Ford will reduce its dependence on Volkswagen Group's EV technology as the US automaker shifts its European lineup to electric-only. …

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The Port of Valencia starts training 5,000 lorry drivers on the ValenciaportPCS mobile app

Members Corner Port of Valencia - 2023-01-16

This 10-15 minute course will run for 35 days from Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm. More than 5,000 drivers are expected to be trained. …

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All set for the arrival of hydrogen at the Port of València

Members Corner Port of Valencia - 2023-01-15

Everything is now ready for the Port of Valencia to become the first European port to deploy hydrogen technology in its activity. …

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The Grimaldi Group orders five more Ammonia-Ready Car Carries

Members Corner Grimaldi Group - 2023-01-13

2023 opens with a new order for the Grimaldi fleet. …

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Lucid exceeded 2022 production goals

Automotive Industry - 2023-01-13

The US electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors has exceeded its most recent production target for 2022. With a strong final quarter, the target of 6,000 to 7,000 vehicles was even slightly exceeded. …

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Impact of Euro 7 on NOx emissions by vehicle type

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-01-13

By 2030, the most stringent Euro 7 / Euro VII scenario is expected to deliver only an additional 4% NOx reduction for cars and 2% for vans and heavy trucks, while the impact will be zero for buses. …

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Carbon pricing in shipping: is it feasible?

Maritime and Ports Project Cargo Journal - 2023-01-12

The shipping industry is currently largely excluded from domestic and international carbon pricing schemes. …

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