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Lucid Motors launches ‘Air’ deliveries in Europe

Automotive Industry - 2022-12-21

The US electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors has started deliveries of its electric luxury sedan Air in Europe. The first units went to customers in Germany and the Netherlands. …

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Press Release - 2022: A Challenging Year for the Rail Freight Industry

Land transportation ERFA - 2022-12-21

The past 12 months have proven to be extremely challenging for the rail freight sector. …

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WINNING SCORES: Dual-fuel LNG PCTC Auto Energy tops ranking for second time as UECC gains Greenports double award

Members Corner UECC - 2022-12-21

UECC has captured the Greenports 2022 award for the most eco-friendly vessel, Auto Energy, as well as for the most eco-friendly fleet in recognition of efforts by the leading European shortsea Ro-Ro carrier to cut emissi …

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German e-car sales target called a ‘pipe dream’

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2022-12-21

Germany's electric car dreams are in trouble. …

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Audi to upgrade all factories for EV production by 2029

Automotive Industry - 2022-12-20

Audi has presented its plan for future production strategy under the slogan ‘360factory’. By the end of this decade, the brand will manufacture electrically powered models at all production sites worldwide. …

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Port of Barcelona commercial reps coordinate internationalisation strategies

Members Corner Port of Barcelona - 2022-12-20

The Port of Barcelona and Denmark's PowerCon A/S have started building the pilot project to provide electrical power to ships at the BEST terminal. …

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US Treasury will delay EV battery sourcing guidance until March

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2022-12-20

With a revamped $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit taking effect 1 January, the US Treasury Department said on Monday it will delay until March its release of proposed guidance on the required sourcing of electric vehicle batteries. …

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All-inclusive Emissions Trading System for road: more realistic start date

News from Brussels IRU - 2022-12-20

After intense negotiations, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and the European Commission struck a deal last weekend on an Emissions Trading System (ETS) for buildings and roads (ETS II) that sees reason prevail, having take …

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CLEPA Data Dugest #5 – Q3 of 2022 marks growth: A little breather, but climb remains steep

News from Brussels CLEPA - 2022-12-20

July to September figures better than expected …

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German prosecutors probe Elon Musk’s Tesla over hazardous materials breach

Automotive Industry POLITICO - 2022-12-20

Authorities in the German state of Brandenburg have launched a case against Tesla over allegations it is handling hazardous materials without the right license at its electric car factory outside Berlin, a public prosecutor told POLI …

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