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VinFast aims to be profitable within 3 years

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-09-22

Vietnamese automaker VinFast, which plans to start delivering electric vehicles to customers in Europe and the US before year-end, aims to be profitable within the next three years, Chief Financial Officer David Mansfield said. …

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Battery recycling will be the focus of new EU-project RESPECT

News from Brussels CLEPA - 2022-09-22

The recently-launched Horizon-Europe project RESPECT held its kick-off meeting in Paris on 20 September. 2022 …

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Italy's Salvini wants referendum over EU combustion car ban

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-09-22

League leader Matteo Salvini wants Italians to vote on the European Union’s landmark decision to eliminate carbon emissions from new cars by 2035. …

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Zero-emission trucks: Three factors to set the framework right

News from Brussels ACEA - 2022-09-22

While zero-emission vehicles are ready for the market and coming in large numbers, we need to set the framework right to ensure that transport operators will fully embrace this shift. …

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US invests heavily to clean up transport sector

Automotive Industry Automotive Logisics - 2022-09-22

The transport sector has grown to be the largest source of carbon emissions in the US, accounting for 33% of overall emissions, more than industry (21%) and electricity generation (24%). …

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Toyota cuts production plan again on ongoing chip shortage

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-09-22

Toyota is feeling the bite of the semiconductor crunch again. …

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Electric vehicles: tax benefits & purchase incentives in the European Union (2022)

News from Brussels ACEA - 2022-09-21

Nearly all EU member states now offer some form of fiscal support to stimulate the market uptake of electric vehicles, but both the nature and the monetary value of such tax benefits and purchase incentives still differ widely across the …

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2022 DAC Sector Statement

Land transportation CER: The Voice of European Railways - 2022-09-21

This Sector Statement on the Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC) showcases the need and the advantages to roll-out this innovative device across the European railway system in an accelerated and concerted manner. …

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Suppliers hiking charges for all automakers, not just Ford

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-09-21

Automotive industry suppliers are raising prices to their customers across the board, not just with Ford Motor, which warned this week it was taking a $1bn inflationary cost hit. …

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PIONEERS First International Conference

News from ECG ECG - 2022-09-21

ECG members Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Port of Barcelona as well as Antwerp Euroterminal (AET) combine their green port innovation policy with other International Ports under PIONEERS co …

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