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Progress Report shows that Maritime Green Corridors are taking off – but essential stakeholders must not be left behind

Maritime and Ports Global Maritime Forum - 2022-11-17

A new report from the Global Maritime Forum, prepared on behalf of the Getting to Zero Coalition, assesses progress towards the development of Green Shipping Corridors – maritime routes between major port hubs where zero-emission solutio …

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Volvo Cars becomes founding member of Accelerating to Zero Coalition, calls for more climate action from governments

Automotive Industry Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain - 2022-11-17

Volvo Cars announces on 17 November 2022, it is joining the Accelerating to Zero Coalition, which will be launched later today at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. …

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Crowning achievement: Auto Achieve is final newbuild multi-fuel LNG battery hybrid PCTC to be named for UECC

Members Corner UECC - 2022-11-17

UECC has proudly unveiled its newbuild green-powered pure car and truck carrier Auto Achieve for clients and other guests with a high-profile naming ceremony at the Swedish port of Gothenburg accompanied by the popping o …

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Renault chairman says 'nothing is blocking' Nissan alliance talks

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-11-15

Nothing is blocking discussions between Nissan and Renault over the future of their alliance and the two companies will have "important talks" on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 November, the French automaker's chairman s …

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Tesla EVs ranked worst in annual reliability survey by Consumer Reports

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2022-11-15

Electric vehicles (EVs) from Tesla Inc and other brands were among the least reliable vehicles in the United States, Consumer Reports magazine's annual reliability survey showed on Tuesday 15 November 2022. …

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Running a truck on e-diesel costs 47% more than its battery-electric counterpart

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2022-11-15

Expensive, scarce and less green - e-fuels for trucks will slow down the transition to zero-emission road transport, a new study by NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) shows. …

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COP 27: Road transport committed to decarbonisation, but can’t do it alone

News from Brussels IRU - 2022-11-15

The road transport sector reiterates its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions to net-zero by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. But it cannot do it alone. …

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Iran sets sights on Russia’s automotive market

Automotive Industry Automotive Logisics - 2022-11-15

Iran’s carmakers are looking to sell vehicles in Russia in the next few months, as well as mulling future plans to localise assembly in the country. …

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BLG tackles vehicle congestion at Bremerhaven port

Automotive Industry Automotive Logisics - 2022-11-15

Vehicle congestion is reported to be easing at the German port of Bremerhaven following the relocation by BLG Logistics of vehicles to a nearby airport. …

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Governments urged not to miss the boat on green fuel shipping

Maritime and Ports International Chamber of Shipping - 2022-11-15

A new report published today from the Tyndall Centre at the University of Manchester has highlighted the major role the shipping sector will play in transporting the green fuels necessary to meet global climate goals. …

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