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VW cost-cutting may include administrative jobs, report says

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-11-13

VW could cut administrative personnel jobs as part of savings and cost-cutting measures amounting to €10 bn ($10.8 bn) by 2026, the Handelsblatt daily reported, …

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Quantron and Oilinvest form a hydrogen joint venture

Land transportation - 2023-11-13

According to Quantron, the Oilinvest subsidiaries operate around 2,450 petrol stations under the Tamoil brand in Europe, including Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. …

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Renault to unveil 'affordable' electric city car, report says

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-11-13

Renault will reveal the launch of an additional "affordable" city electric car during this week's capital markets day for its new EV unit Ampere, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. …

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The EU must get certification schemes right for critical raw materials

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-11-13

Ahead of negotiations to finalise the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act, 15 NGOs have written to EU lawmakers to stress the critical importance of certification schemes. …

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EG Group orders fast chargers from Tesla

Automotive Industry - 2023-11-13

The Tesla fast chargers will be accessible to all electric cars and support Plug&Charge. These will not be Tesla Supercharger locations, which will be owned and operated by Tesla. …

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New report: the potential of hydrogen as a fuel in shipping

Maritime and Ports EMSA - 2023-11-13

The potential of hydrogen as a fuel in the shipping sector is analysed in a new report released by EMSA. …

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Erkport is the latest member of ECG

Members Corner Erkport - 2023-11-13

We are happy to announce that Erkport has recently joined ECG. …

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Renault casts fledgling EV business as Europe's answer to Tesla

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-11-13

After clearing up record losses and a toxic partnership, Renault CEO Luca de Meo is preparing his biggest bet in taking the automaker through its transformation to an electric-car company. …

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Decarbonizing heavy-duty can’t be only based on an early-stage technology

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2023-11-13

On November 21, 2023, the plenary vote for Carbon Dioxide emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) will take place in …

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Sesé performs the first e-CMR tests of the SIMPLE platform for the digitisation of the supply chain

Members Corner Sese - 2023-11-13

Sesé carries out the first e-CMR pilot tests for integrated digital data management in the supply chain. …

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