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Nissan seals Renault deal, now faces hard yards in China

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-07-26

Nissan will invest up to $663m in Renault's new electric vehicle unit, the automakers said on 26 July 2023, as they finalised terms of their restructured partnership after months of negotiation clouded by tension. …

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New EV battery safe handling & storage guidance developed by global automakers and suppliers

Automotive Industry Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain - 2023-07-26

In a collaborative effort to enhance safety measures and promote responsible handling of electric vehicle (EV) batteries, at its 2023 Innovation Summit in Columbus, Ohio, the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment (SP) announced the p …

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Mercedes vehicles aboard cargo ship ablaze off Dutch coast

Maritime and Ports Automotive News Europe - 2023-07-26

A fire blazed on a ship off the Dutch coast with nearly 3,000 vehicles on board on Thursday 27 July 2023, killing one member of the crew and injuring several others. …

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Eurostat data shows cabotage in EU fell almost 9% last year compared to 2021

Land transportation - 2023-07-26

The figures show that although there was a slight rise in international haulage as a whole, there was also a 8.9% drop in cabotage transports. …

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Rising Wholesale Vehicle Volumes Pressure Auto Transport System

Automotive Industry Automotive Fleet - 2023-07-26

Earlier in July 2023, during the quarterly Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index call, I had the opportunity to prov …

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Tesla’s German gigafactory expansion plans face setback over water protection concerns – media

Automotive Industry Clean Energy Wire - 2023-07-26

US car manufacturer Tesla will have to revise its plans to expand its gigafactory for electric cars in the German state of Brandenburg over concerns the new buildings would be partly located in water protection zones, newspaper Tagesspie …

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Rain Raises Rhine River Levels in Germany; North Still Too Shallow

Maritime and Ports Maritime Logistics Professional - 2023-07-26

Heavy rain has raised water levels on the Rhine in Germany, but the river is still too shallow in central northern areas for cargo vessels to sail fully loaded, commodity traders said on Wednesday, 26 July 2023. …

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Renting a HGV without a driver: Denmark has transposed the EU regulation

Land transportation - 2023-07-26

The main purpose of the regulation is to implement Directive (EU) 2022/738 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 April 2022 amending Directive 2006/1/EC on the use of vehicles hired without drivers for the carriage of goods …

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Surprise! Media is misreporting the source of a Dutch cargo ship fire

Maritime and Ports electrek - 2023-07-26

Early on July 26 2023, the Fremantle Highway, a vehicle carrying cargo ship, caught fire in the North Sea, off the coast of Ameland in the Netherlands. …

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Chips Act: Council gives its final approval

News from Brussels European Council - 2023-07-25

The Council has today approved the regulation to strengthen Europe's semiconductor ecosystem, better known as the 'Chips Act'. This is the last step in the decision-making procedure. …

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