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GPS jammers are being used to avoid tolls in Germany, BALM spokesperson confirms

Land transportation - 2023-08-18

The devices, known as GPS jammers, emit a signal that disrupts the GPS signal of the toll gantries. This makes the gantries think that the truck has already passed through, so they do not charge a toll, writes Bild. …

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China's EV makers face cost and consumer challenges to conquer Europe

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-08-18

China's electric vehicle (EV) makers, which have raced past foreign rivals to top sales rankings at home, are arriving in Europe – and facing a new set of challenges. …

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New ISO standard for the safety of self-driving vehicles

Automotive Industry Connected Automated Driving - 2023-08-17

The new international standard for safe operation of self-driving vehicles, Road Vehicles – Test scenarios for automated driving systems – Specification for operational design domain …

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Smart Freight Centre China released the first comprehensive assessment report on zero emission freight in China

Land transportation Smart Freight Center - 2023-08-17

Smart Freight Centre China published the China Zero Emission Freight Status Report 2022 in August 2023. …

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EV battery imports face scrutiny under US law on Chinese forced labor

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-08-17

Electric-vehicle batteries and other car parts are the latest products under scrutiny as part of Washington's effort to stamp out U.S. …

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New survey of UK transport managers shows record high rest stop dissatisfaction

Land transportation - 2023-08-17

Transport Focus' latest Logistics and Coach Survey has found that only 8% of respondents believe UK rest stops offer good value for money. …

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Five quarters of truck fleet growth with UK operator demand back to pre-pandemic levels

Land transportation SMMT - 2023-08-16

The UK market for new heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) grew by 17.2% to 11,174 units in the second quarter of 2023, the fifth consecutive quarter of growth, according to the latest figures published today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers …

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Tyrol block handling: number of dates in H1 2024 to remain at 24

Land transportation - 2023-08-16

This means that between January and June 2024, only a certain number of trucks will be allowed to cross the border near Kufstein in 24 days. …

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Höegh Autoliners to digitalise entire fleet and upcoming Aurora Class

Members Corner Höegh Autoliners - 2023-08-16

With a shared vision to lead the way in green maritime technology, Kongsberg Digital and Höegh Autoliners have worked closely together since 2019. …

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New ISO standard for the safety of self-driving vehicles

Automotive Industry The University of Warwick - 2023-08-16

A new international standard has been published laying the foundations for safe deployment of self-driving vehicles by creating a common approach to define the operating conditions of self-driving vehicles, which is also known as the Ope …

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