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Italian hauliers warn of supply chain crisis as government fails to act

Land transportation - 2023-04-03

UNATRAS, a coordination unit of Italian transport associations, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Italian government for not taking action to address the critical situation faced by the freight transport industry. …

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Women in the port and maritime sector, why not?

News from Brussels ETF: European Transport Worker's Federation - 2023-04-03

Under this slogan, the work carried out by women in the port sector will be at the centre of a vast project launched by the Municipality of Livorno in cooperation with many stakeholders from the port and maritime sectors. …

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Stellantis will build EVs in Portugal

Automotive Industry - 2023-04-03

Stellantis has announced plans to manufacture electric vehicles in Portugal. …

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Making safety smarter: how technology is transforming our operations for the better

Members Corner Wallenius Wilhelmsen - 2023-04-03

Safety from the start …

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Is the car industry going cold on full self-driving tech?

Automotive Industry Automotive Daily - 2023-04-03

Ford abandons public testing of level-four-capable autonomous vehicles due to their “near-term” unprofitability. …

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Car services groups warn of unfair competition as EU data plan stalls

News from Brussels Reuters - 2023-04-02

Car services groups on 2023 March 31 warned a stalled EU proposal to ensure fair access to valuable vehicle data could pave the way for unfair competition from U.S. and Chinese tech companies. …

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Port of Valencia promotes digital app training

Land transportation Port Technology - 2023-04-02

The Port of Valencia has successfully trained 2,600 lorry drivers in the use of the ValenciaportPCS mobile application. …

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Transport MEPs to visit Italy

News from Brussels European Parliament - 2023-03-31

A delegation of Committee on Transport and Tourism, led by its chair Karima Delli, will visit Genoa and Florence (Italy) on 2023 April 3-5, to take stock of trans-European projects development. …

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U.S., EU lawmakers feel cut out of Biden’s electric vehicle trade agenda

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2023-03-31

The United States and European Union are racing to settle their dispute over tax credits for electric vehicles, but their attempted fix is creating new problems for each of them back home. …

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Immediate action needed to unleash Europe’s connected car potential

News from Brussels CLEPA - 2023-03-31

A unique and broad alliance of consumer groups, automotive suppliers, leasing and rental industries, aftermarket operators, vehicle dealers, authorised and independent workshops, data publishers, and insurers have joined forces to call o …

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