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Supreme Court rules against Hungarian drivers’ claim to Dutch wages

Land transportation - 2023-03-28

Dutch haulier Van den Bosch Transport has been involved in a decade-long legal battle with ten Hungarian truck drivers over Dutch wages. …

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EU countries poised to approve 2035 phaseout of CO2-emitting cars

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-03-28

European Union countries' energy ministers are set to give final approval on Tuesday to the bloc's law to end sales of new CO2-emitting cars in 2035, after Germany won an exemption for cars running on e-fuels. …

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E-fuel push is wrong solution to EU carbon plan, Iveco CEO says

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-03-28

Synthetic fuels may appeal to well-heeled Porsche and Ferrari drivers, but they are not a viable way for Europe’s mass auto market to achieve carbon neutrality, Iveco Group CEO, Gerrit Marx, said. …

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EU deal on truck charging clears the way for ambitious CO2 targets

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2023-03-28

Public chargers for electric trucks will need to be provided at regular intervals along Europe’s primary and secondary motorways, and in major cities, under a new law agreed by MEPs and governments last night. …

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Turkey suspends automotive re-export to Russia

Land transportation Automotive Logisics - 2023-03-28

On 2023 March 8, the Turkish Customs Service suspended transit of western-sanctioned goods to Russia, including finished vehicles and automotive components. …

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EU’s truck charging plans unlock a wider transition to zero-emission trucks across Europe by 2025

News from Brussels European Clean Trucking Alliance - 2023-03-28

Transport operators very much welcome the finalisation of a basic public charging and refuelling network for trucks across Europe’s main roads. …

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AFIR: ‘Infrastructure gap’ will limit CO2 reductions from road transport

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-03-28

The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) welcomes the fact that MEPs and national ministers struck an agreement last night on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), which governs the EU-wide deployment o …

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Euro 7 emissions proposals, the sequel Europe's carmakers don't want to see

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-03-28

European carmakers are fighting back against proposed emission regulations they argue are too costly, rushed and unnecessary, but which the European Commission says are needed to cut harmful emissions and prevent a repeat of the Dieselga …

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EU ministers pass 2035 car engine ban law

Automotive Industry POLITICO - 2023-03-28

EU ministers on Tuesday formally — and finally — signed off on legislation phasing out sales of new polluting cars and vans by 2035, ending last-minute resistance from Germany and a small group of allies. …

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European Green Deal: ambitious new law agreed to deploy sufficient alternative fuels infrastructure

News from Brussels European Commission - 2023-03-28

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached between the European Parliament and the Council to boost the number of publicly accessible electric recharging and hydrogen refuelling stations in particular across the European Uni …

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