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Factbox: How U.S. electric vehicle subsidy rules impact Europe

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2023-03-30

The U.S. …

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Ford to keep Saarlouis plant open to 2032

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-03-30

Ford's European leadership has agreed to keep open the automaker's factory in Saarlouis, Germany, beyond its previous cut-off date of 2025, with a much-reduced workforce. …

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UK to invest over £380 million in charging infrastructure

Automotive Industry - 2023-03-30

The British government has announced an additional investment of more than £380m in the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles as part of a major energy package. …

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Hamburg lays the groundwork for swap to hydrogen trucks

Land transportation The Load Star - 2023-03-30

The regions of Hamburg and Lower Saxony have embarked on a €32m ($35m) project to replace diesel-fuelled cargo trucks with those powered by hydrogen. …

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UK government pledges world-leading electric car targets

Automotive Industry Transport & Environment - 2023-03-30

The government has today proposed measures for the UK’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate, in an important step towards putting the phase out of petrol and diesel cars into law. …

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UK commercial vehicle output falters in February

Automotive Industry SMMT - 2023-03-30

UK commercial vehicle (CV) production fell by -21.6% in the second month of the year, with 6,491 vans, trucks, taxis, buses and coaches leaving factory lines, according to figures published today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and …

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Welcome rise for UK car production

Automotive Industry SMMT - 2023-03-30

UK car production rose 13.1% in 2023 February, up to 69,707 units, according to the latest figures published today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). …

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Zero means zero as UK starts consultation on fossil-fuel engine phase out rules for cars and vans

Automotive Industry Freight Carbon Zero - 2023-03-30

In its consultation paper outlining plans for a zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate for cars and vans, the UK Government has underlined its commitment to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 and force all new cars …

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Press release: Study on hydrogen in ports and industrial coastal areas

News from Brussels European Commission - 2023-03-30

The European Union needs to radically accelerate the deployment of hydrogen production, import terminal, reconversion, storage, transportation, and consumption infrastructure capacity in port ecosystems in order to meet its 2030 renewabl …

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China Merchants firms up methanol-fuelled car carrier orders

Maritime and Ports - 2023-03-30

China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES) has moved forward to add more capacity in the car carrier segment by signing a firm deal for two new methanol dual-fuel 9,300 ceu ships. …

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