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Europe’s transport sector set to make up almost half of the continent’s emissions in 2030

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2024-03-20

Since a peak in 2007, the transport sector has decarbonised three times slower than the rest of the economy, making it the ‘problem child’ of Europe’s climate efforts. …

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Renault CEO calls for EU-wide fund to support EV transition

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2024-03-20

Luca de Meo urged a 10-year "Marshall Plan" to replace older polluting cars with newer ones, as part of a public letter ahead of EU elections in June 2024. …

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In a twist, Fiat could add gasoline engine option to 500e

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2024-03-20

The current ICE Fiat 500 will not be homologated for Europe after July 2024, and the EV version's sales are slowing. A new gasoline variant could solve several problems for Fiat. …

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Vehicle Carrier Safety Forum publishes guidance on the presentation and loading of vehicles

News from Brussels International Chamber of Shipping - 2024-03-20

The Vehicle Carrier Safety Forum (VCSF) publishes its first industry good practice guidelines entitled ‘Common Guidance on the loading and presentation of vehicles’. …

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Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe

Automotive Industry Automotive Logistics - 2024-03-20

In the opening session of ALSC Europe, Oliver Bronder, managing director vehicle logistics at VW Group Logistics, talked about the benefits of having one group logistics function with governance a governance role fo …

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IMO on track to adopt mid-term measures to cut emissions from ships

Maritime and Ports International Maritime Organization - 2024-03-19

IMO is advancing discussions on legally-binding ‘mid-term’ measures to help the maritime industry achieve net zero shipping, as set out in the 2023 IMO Strategy on the Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships. …

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Scotland unveils HGV Decarbonisation Pathway to accelerate net zero transition

Land transportation Freight Carbon Zero - 2024-03-19

Scotland’s truck sector is taking strides towards decarbonisation with the unveiling of the HGV Decarbonisation Pathway. …

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Artificial intelligence takes centre stage at IRU meeting

News from Brussels IRU - 2024-03-19

Members of the IRU Commission on Technical Affairs (CIT) discussed artificial intelligence in road transport, weights and dimensions, and decarbonisation at their latest meeting.  …

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The Port of Gothenburg in hydrogen collaboration with Hitachi Energy and Skanska

Members Corner Port of Gothenburg - 2024-03-19

In recent weeks (March 2024), emission-free excavation work has been carried out in one of the Port of Gothenburg’s largest infrastructure projects ever, using a hydrogen generator with completely new technology piloted …

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Despite EV slowdown, Audi sticks to strategy with key Q6, A6 E-tron launches

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2024-03-19

CEO Gernot Döllner confirms that Volkswagen Group premium brand will launch final ICE models in 2026, with EVs in all "core segments" by 2027. …

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