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BGL spokesperson warns Germany’s driver shortage will soon be as bad as England’s

Land transportation - 2023-03-28

Dirk Engelhardt, spokesperson for the board of the Federal Association of Road Haulage, Logistics and Waste Disposal (BGL), warned of an impending supply chain collapse in Germany brought about by a HGV driver shortage. …

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EU reaches deal to roll out charging points across bloc

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-03-28

European Union negotiators agreed to roll out electric and hydrogen charging points across the region over the next few years in a bid to help spur the transition away from the combustion engine. …

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EU Data Act negotiations: IRU warns against trade secrets excuse

News from Brussels IRU - 2023-03-28

The Council of the European Union has adopted its general approach on the Data Act. IRU has previously welcomed the text adopted by the European Parliament. …

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Germany wins Pyrrhic victory in the war to save the car engine

Automotive Industry POLITICO - 2023-03-28

No, Germany's government hasn't just saved the internal combustion engine. …

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Ferrari, Porsche get a big win from EU -German deal on e-fuels

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-03-27

Ferrari and Porsche will benefit from plans to exempt cars that run on e-fuels from the European Union's planned 2035 phase-out of combustion engine vehicles. …

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Electric vehicles pose a new threat to safety on the high seas

Members Corner Wallenius Wilhelmsen - 2023-03-27

Shipping companies are facing an added concern with the increasing demand for electric vehicles. Fires onboard vessels can have catastrophic consequences, and battery fires are extra potent and dangerous. …

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IMO GHG working group progresses work on revision of IMO climate strategy

Maritime and Ports International Maritime Organization - 2023-03-27

An IMO working group has made progress in developing the draft 2023 IMO Strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships.    …

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Why planning for EVs over e-fuels makes the most business sense

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-03-27

The news last week that an agreement had been reached between the European Commission, Germany and other interested parties who had raised last minute protests about the ICE ban from 2035, might be interpreted as a U-turn.   …

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Shipping industry can save $50 bn through four enablers of operational efficiency

Maritime and Ports Global Maritime Forum - 2023-03-27

A new insight brief series from the Global Maritime Forum identifies four actions that maritime and shipping industries can take now to support shipping’s transition to a sustainable and resilient zero-emission future. …

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IMO green gathering points towards stricter regulations to come

Maritime and Ports - 2023-03-27

The 14th Intersessional Working Group on Greenhouse Gases (ISWG GHG 14) met last week at the headquarters of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a loose stepping stone towards July’s 80th gathering of the Marine Environmental …

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