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Austria joins Germany in opposing combustion engine ban

News from Brussels EurActiv - 2023-03-13

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer has promised he will do his utmost to ensure the survival of the combustion engine, joining Germany in opposing the EU’s plan to ban diesel and petrol cars from 2035. …

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Stellantis' ACC JV plans to start operations at Italian gigafactory in 2026

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-03-11

Automotive Cells Company, a joint venture of Stellantis, Mercedes and TotalEnergies said its planned Italian battery making plant was expected to start operations in 2026. …

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Idlija becomes member of ECG

Members Corner UAB Idlija - 2023-03-10

We are very happy to announce that UAB  Idlija has become a member of ECG! …

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Fraunhofer Institute launches 2023 study on energy efficiency and GHG emission intensity of logistics sites

Land transportation CLECAT - 2023-03-10

The research initiative, entitled GILA (German, Italian & Latin America consortium for resource efficient logistics hubs & transport) has launched the 2023 version of the Fraunhofer Institute market study related to energy effici …

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Position paper – EU-India trade negotiations

News from Brussels ACEA - 2023-03-10

ACEA welcomes the relaunch of negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) with India. …

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China: transporting via Kazakhstan is much faster than via the Black Sea

Land transportation - 2023-03-10

Transporting goods from China via Kazakhstan will take significantly less time than using routes via the Black Sea. …

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Madrid offers €600 voucher to unemployed to get a HGV driving license

Land transportation - 2023-03-10

With the help of European funds, the General Directorate of Training of the Community of Madrid has announced the launch of a voucher programme that would help locals get an HGV or a bus driving license and so the local government could …

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Carmakers Can Kiss Pre-Pandemic Combustion Car Sales Goodbye

Automotive Industry Bloomberg - 2023-03-09

There are growing signs that global auto sales will continue their comeback from the pandemic, chip shortage and other supply chain snarls. …

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Fully self-driving cars unlikely before 2035, experts predict

Automotive Industry - 2023-03-09

The autonomous vehicle (AV) industry will not develop a fully self-driving car until 2035, according to a recent prediction from research firm GlobalData. …

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More logistics interconnectivity increases the risk of cyber-attacks

Maritime and Ports The Load Star - 2023-03-09

Digital interconnectivity will increase efficiency, but will also make forwarders, carriers and hubs more of a target for cyber criminals. …

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