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EU rules for vessel sharing – reducing environmental impact and increasing efficiency for global trade

Maritime and Ports Global Maritime Forum - 2022-10-04

To serve as many ports and customers as possible, as efficiently as possible, international ocean carriers often share space on vessels. …

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Tesla reports shortage of outbound transport capacity

Automotive Industry Automotive Logisics - 2022-10-04

Tesla has reported transport capacity problems in its vehicle production and delivery update for Q3 of this year. …

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Finnlines invests heavily in passenger traffic with two new Ro-Pax vessels for the route between Finland and Sweden

Members Corner Finnlines - 2022-10-04

The first of two new cargo-passenger, or Ro-Pax, vessels will start operating on the Naantali–Långnäs–Kapellskär route in autumn 2023. …

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Only enough e-fuels to power 2% of cars on the road in 2035

News from Brussels Transport & Environment - 2022-10-04

The fossil fuel industry is hoping e-fuels can help combustion engine cars to escape a proposed EU sales ban in 2035. …

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How to get around capacity crunch in FVL by Stanley Robotics

Members Corner Stanley Robotics - 2022-10-04

The FVL industry is facing various challenges worldwide. The 3 top challenges are volume volatility, labour shortage and capacity shortage. Different priorities appear from one continent to another. …

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CER Position - Carbon labelling scheme towards sustainable mobility

News from Brussels CER: The Voice of European Railways - 2022-10-04

In the last years the awareness of transport’s impact on the environment (energy consumption, GHG emissions and local pollution) has grown, but transport users currently lack a carbon footprint label that is based on a credible methodolo …

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Deutsche Bahn develops emission-free ammonia-hydrogen engine

Members Corner Deutsche Bahn - 2022-10-04

Cooperation with Australian energy group FFI. New technology to replace conventional diesel engines and further cooperation planned for transport and logistics of green fuels. …

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Peugeot to introduce new hybrid drive generation in 2023

Automotive Industry - 2022-10-04

All Peugeot models will be available with electrified powertrains from 2023. Peugeot will be the first Stellantis brand to introduce the Group’s new generation of hybrid powertrains. …

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Leaders to call for ‘workable’ price cap on gas at EU summit

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2022-10-04

EU leaders are set to ask the bloc’s executive at a summit this week to come up with a proposal for capping the price of gas imports in a bid to curb prices, according to a draft statement seen Monday 3 October 2022. …

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Fit for 55: Transport MEPs want car-recharging stations every 60 km

News from Brussels European Parliament - 2022-10-04

Cars should be able to recharge every 60 km and refuel hydrogen every 100 km, while ships use on-shore power supply at ports, to help the EU become climate neutral by 2050. …

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