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Automakers hope for a cut as two-way EV charging becomes real

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2024-04-22

Automakers from General Motors to Volvo Cars, alongside utilities and charging app operators are calculating their financial cut as EVs that allow their owners to sell power back to grids become a more realistic prospect. …

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The EV bust in Europe is a red flag for region's climate goals

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2024-04-21

High costs and poor infrastructure are slowing the EV push. …

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Germany, China and electric cars: no desire for a trade war

Automotive Industry ELECTRIVE - 2024-04-21

For some, electric cars from China are the biggest threat to the European, and especially the German car industry. …

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Tesla cuts prices in Europe, U.S., China amid sales slump

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2024-04-21

Tesla has been slow to refresh its aging models while rivals in China are rolling out cheaper EVs. …

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Electric Vehicles Not Guilty Of Excess Short-Term Fire Risk Charges

Automotive Industry Forbes - 2024-04-21

Electric vehicle cognoscenti can breathe a sigh of relief. Comprehensive data now shows EVs are much less likely to burst into flames than internal combustion engine vehicles, according to experts. …

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EVs drive down carbon emissions and lift vehicle ownership to record high

Automotive Industry SMMT - 2024-04-20

Number of vehicles on UK roads reaches record 41.4 m in 2023, with car ownership up 1.6% to 35,694,845 units. The average car in use saw CO2 emissions decline by -2.1%, notably thanks to incentivised investment by busi …

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IRU addresses UN General Assembly on sustainable transport

News from Brussels IRU - 2024-04-19

During the UN’s first annual Sustainability Week, IRU’s Secretary General outlined key actions to continue advancing the sustainability of road transport and its role in global development. …

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Europe sales drop in March as EV weakness persists

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2024-04-18

Sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles rose nearly 1%, outpacing BEVs and gasoline and diesel models. …

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Liner shipping’s EU policy priorities for a Sustainable, Competitive, and Secure Maritime Sector – World Shipping Council

News from Brussels World Shipping Council - 2024-04-18

The World Shipping Council (WSC) is calling on the EU to design policy frameworks that facilitate the essential role of shipping in a globally connected economy and to forge the path to net-zero shipping by 2050 in partnership with indus …

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Increasing focus on sustainability in RoRo shipping

Members Corner Höegh Autoliners - 2024-04-18

With an increasing focus on sustainability, the leading RoRo shipping companies are introducing more environmentally friendly methods to meet customer demands while preserving the oceans and maritime life. …

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