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The EU needs a holistic policy approach to zero-emission mobility

News from Brussels ACEA - 2022-11-30

Recently, in the space of just two weeks, we saw two major legislative milestones that are of great significance to the EU auto industry – but that unfortunately risk pulling our sector in different directions. …

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It’s strike season in the rail industry

Land transportation - 2022-11-30

Rail workers all over the world have organised and are organising multiple strikes to grab the industry’s attention on the issues they deem more important. …

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The Alumni meeting is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!

News from ECG ECG - 2022-11-30

The annual ECG Academy Alumni Meeting, organised by ECG in co-operation with the ECG Academy Advisory Group (EAAG), will take place in Barcelona on 9-10 February 2023. This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary! …

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Honda to develop advanced level 3 self-driving technology by 2029

Automotive Industry Reuters - 2022-11-30

Honda said it would develop technology enabling its level 3 self-driving capability to function at any speed below legal limits on highways by the second half of the 2020s as it strives to eliminate traffic deaths involving its vehi …

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Provisional ETS agreement: Earmarking of revenues can mark turning point for European shipping’s decarbonisation

Maritime and Ports ESCA - 2022-11-30

European shipowners welcome the outcome of yesterday’s trilogue negotiation and the provisional agreement on the EU ETS maritime. …

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UK Automotive calls for urgent action plan to safeguard £14bn recovery as investment deadlines loom

Automotive Industry SMMT - 2022-11-29

The UK automotive industry has today urged government to take rapid action to secure the long-term future of one of the country’s most important assets, while accelerating its decarbonisation. …

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Renault, Nissan clear calendar for potential deal

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-11-29

Renault and Nissan have readied plans to announce a potential deal on a restructured alliance as early as next month in London with the two automakers still negotiating terms, three people with knowledge of the talks told Reuters. …

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BMW invests in local EV battery pack assembly for Hungary plant

Automotive Industry Automotive Logisics - 2022-11-29

The carmaker is increasing investment at its new plant in Debrecen, Hungary to include onsite assembly of batteries with the aim of reducing logistics costs and supply chain complexity …

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VW exec says high energy prices will kill car battery production in Europe

News from Brussels POLITICO - 2022-11-29

German car giant Volkswagen may stop investing in battery factories across the bloc if the EU fails to tame energy prices and beef up its industrial policy, according to a senior executive at the company. …

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Will paying for EV charging be as easy as refuelling petrol cars?

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2022-11-29

The European Parliament wants to make charging for electric vehicles easier by making payment terminals for credit and debit cards obligatory at all charging points. …

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Due to a technical issue related to the war in Ukraine, our ECG News website was not operational. We drafted a temporary page so that we keep publishing articles while we were working on creating a new ECG News website. You may find on this temporary page ‘ECG News archive’ articles from 25 May until 5 August 2022.