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S&P Global Mobility Survey Finds EV Affordability tops Charging and Range Concerns in Slowing EV Demand

Automotive Industry S&P Global Mobility - 2023-11-08

Although range anxiety and the charging network remain reasons to hesitate, a recent global survey of consumers showed that potential EV buyers are most concerned about the impact to their wallet. …

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Conservatives are putting cars before people: We cannot let that happen

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2023-11-08

Member of the European Parliament Christel Schaldemose is with the centre-left S&D group. …

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New combined transport proposal could harm efficient intermodal cooperation

News from Brussels IRU - 2023-11-08

The European Commission has proposed a fundamental overhaul of the current legal framework for combined transport. …

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Greek Owners Top Global Cargo Carrying Capacity

Maritime and Ports Maritime Logistics Professional - 2023-11-08

BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst, Niels Rasmussen, has revealed that Greek and Chinese shipping companies now own 34% of the global fleet’s cargo capacity, with Greek owners leading on cargo capacity. …

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Tesla faces blockade at Swedish ports over labor dispute

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-11-08

Tesla is coming under increased pressure in Sweden after a union for transport workers said it planned to extend its blockade of the automaker’s shipments to every Swedish port, starting Friday 17 November. …

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Podcast: Sigrid de Vries and Martin Daum discuss Europe’s road to decarbonised transport

Land transportation ACEA - 2023-11-08

This podcast delves into various aspects of the transformation needed to achieve zero-emission transportation in Europe. Below are some key takeaways from their conversation: …

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Unique opportunity offered by revision of Combined Transport Directive must not be wasted

News from Brussels CER: The Voice of European Railways - 2023-11-08

In particular, CER insists that additional provisions aimed at reducing red tape in State aid procedures for combined transport operations can play a decisive role. This revision must not miss a unique opportunity. …

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Severe transit restrictions on the Panama Canal due to drought-induced water shortage

Maritime and Ports - 2023-11-08

ACP has thus decided to reduce the daily transits of vessels from 29 to 25; in the coming weeks, the authority says that this reduction may be further escalated until it reaches a daily transit limit of 18 ships by February. …

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India proposes slashing EV import taxes in UK free-trade deal, report says

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2023-11-08

India is proposing reducing import taxes on some electric vehicles from the UK in an effort to clinch a free-trade deal between the two nations by the end of the year, according to two people familiar with the discussions. …

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Commission adopts new proposal on combining transport modes for more sustainable freight

News from Brussels European Commission - 2023-11-07

Today's proposal on combined transport aims to make freight transport more sustainable by improving the competitiveness of intermodal freight – the transportation of goods using two or more transport modes – vis-à-vis< …

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