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Intesa Sanpaolo supports the renewal of the Grimaldi Lines Eco Green

Members Corner Grimaldi Group - 2022-10-17

Intesa Sanpaolo has concluded two loans for a total of €70m to Grimaldi Euromed, a Grimaldi Group company specialising in the transport of rolling cargo in Europe and the Motorways of the Sea and in passenger transport i …

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European rail freight CEOs reaffirm ambition to reach 30% modal share by 2030 and help Europe out of energy deadlock

Land transportation CER - 2022-10-17

European Rail Freight CEOs from the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the International Union of Railways (UIC), gathered in Vienna on 13 October for their annual high-level meeting an …

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FuelEU Maritime deal lets shipping off the hook

News from Brussels EURACTIV - 2022-10-17

Low targets, few incentives, and a myriad of exemptions have hollowed out the potential of FuelEU Maritime to kickstart the decarbonisation journey of a historically underregulated sector, argue Jutta Paulus and Ciarán Cuffe. …

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Stellantis Considers Ending All Carmaking in China After Jeep Exit

Automotive Industry Bloomberg - 2022-10-17

Stellantis NV may stop manufacturing cars in China as geopolitical tensions escalate and western manufacturers cede market share to domestic players. …

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Drivers and operators targeted by IRU-backed European Labour Authority campaign

Land transportation IRU - 2022-10-14

IRU welcomes the launch of the European Labour Authority’s EU-wide #Road2FairTransport campaign for professional drivers and their employers. …

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BMW, Mercedes and VW balk at supplier demands over energy hikes

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-10-14

Germany's automakers may have secured their own energy supplies but thousands of small suppliers faced with a squeeze from soaring bills risk upsetting production through the winter. …

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Renault creates The Future is Neutral for circular economy

Automotive Industry - 2022-10-14

Renault Group has created a company dedicated exclusively to the circular economy. The new company, called The Future is Neutral, aims to be “the European leader in the circular economy for cars by 2030”. …

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The Port of Gothenburg and the Port of Rotterdam kick off Green Corridor initiative for sustainable shipping

Members Corner Port of Gothenburg - 2022-10-14

The Port of Gothenburg and the Port of Rotterdam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the realization of a Green Corridor to support sustainable shipping between the two ports. …

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European rail CEOs call on von der Leyen to protect railways from skyrocketing electricity prices

Land transportation CER: The Voice of European Railways - 2022-10-14

In an open letter sent yesterday by the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) to the European Commission, European rail CEOs called for further extraordinary measures to safeguard rail as the backbone of sustai …

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Electric cars: 6 EU countries have less than 1 charger per 100km of road; 1 charger in 7 is fast

Automotive Industry ACEA - 2022-10-13

Not only is there an insufficient number of electric charging points along the road networks in most EU countries, but the vast majority of these do not charge quickly enough, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Associati …

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