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A day with Mathijs, the car transporter driver

News from ECG ECG - 2022-10-25

The first time I ever got on a truck must have been when I was around 9 or 10 years old. Can I join you for your next trip?, I asked my father one day during my summer school holidays.  …

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Energy crisis: Automakers’ plans to cut gas consumption

Automotive Industry ACEA - 2022-10-25

As governments announce emergency measures to cut back on industrial use of gas and increase levels of gas in storage, automobile manufacturers across Europe are increasing their efforts to reduce energy usage. …

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Tesla doubles Model Y output at German plant

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-10-25

Tesla has doubled production of the Model Y at its European plant in Germany since the summer. …

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Tesla willing to work with partners for stable outbound capacity

Automotive Industry Automotive Logisics - 2022-10-25

Tesla opened its gigafactory in Berlin, Germany in March this year, right in the middle of an outbound capacity crisis. Earlier this month the company reported that global vehicle deliveries in Q3 were affected by a lack of capacity …

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International Chamber of Shipping proposes global CO2 reduction fund to reward ‘first movers’ using low emission fuels

Maritime and Ports International Chamber of Shipping - 2022-10-25

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), which represents 80% of the world’s merchant fleet, has announced proposals to accelerate the maritime sector’s transition to net zero by financially rewarding ships and energy producers that …

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Mullen to expand to Europe with electric delivery vehicle

Automotive Industry - 2022-10-25

US American electric car startup Mullen plans to begin selling a vehicle in Europe later this year. The Mullen I-GO is a small electric car manufactured in China that the company says will be used primarily for last-mile logistics. …

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Hyundai to focus on EVs and luxury cars amid industry turmoil

Automotive Industry Automotive News Europe - 2022-10-24

Hyundai said it will focus on luxury models, SUVs and electric vehicles to achieve what it expects to be record high earnings this year even as challenges such as inflation and fluctuating raw material prices persist. …

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Carmakers look to restructure European dealer network

Automotive Industry Automotive Logisics - 2022-10-24

Dealers will remain central to the way car manufacturers sell and distribute their vehicles though there may be fewer outlets. …

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Nio backs away from leasing-only offers in Europe

Automotive Industry - 2022-10-24

Nio will offer the possibility to not only rent but also buy its electric models in Europe from 21 November. Until now, the business model of the Chinese newcomer only provided a leasing option. …

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Viking CCS and Associated British Ports embark on major step towards a future CO2 shipping industry in the UK

Members Corner ABP - 2022-10-24

Harbour Energy and Associated British Ports (“ABP”) announce an exclusive commercial relationship to develop a CO2 import terminal at the Port of Immingham, the UK’s largest port by tonnage. …

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